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Hey! I'm Austin, a music producer, songwriter, mixing engineer, and business owner based out of Orlando, FL! I have been producing professionally for 8 years, and I have worked with hundreds of artist that span across 39 different countries!

I have worked in a variety of genres ranging from pop to alternative rock, hip hop to indie singer-songwriter, and pretty much everything in between

Over the past 8 years, I have amassed over 100 million streams on projects I've worked on, and I've worked with artists such as RILEY, joan, Landon Austin, Danny Worsnop, Marc E. Bassy, Lil Brows, Jonathan Morrison, Julia Wolf, Ni/Co, EMIA, Liam Ferrari, and many more.

I have also had the pleasure of working with some of the top audio companies, including Cubase, Slate Digital, Steven Slate Audio, Auto-Tune, Baby Audio, Apogee, Lauten Audio, Lewitt Audio, and more!

In addition to producing, writing, and mixing music with artists internationally, I also own and operate the company Make Pop Music with my wife, Miranda.

Make Pop Music consists of a YouTube channel with over 173,000 subscribers, a Facebook group of over 30,000 members, a website with dozens of sample packs, preset packs, courses, and much more.

When I'm not making music or creating new content for Make Pop Music, I love spending time with my wife, playing basketball, going to theme parks, exploring fashion and interior design, and indulging in great food and wine. 


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